Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Hold ur breath as clock starts ticking!
That's the story of saini that's sachin
The rascal girl just made it begin!
With her damn ass that is worth kicking!!
What she does?My cock starts lickin!
Studds now cry like moti and vipin!!!................

No apologies!~ for that fucking whore!
She got more than wat she was lookin for!
jussta war! has put me behind the barr!

In the meanwhile a better battle it seems
Where 3rd yr teams and see my shattering dreamz!

no classes n no lab we can even have!
cuz smone dabbed ah! she has bac stabbed!!
I was wrapped and there no one helped!!

the girl so bastard that brought disaster so faster!
that i cudn convince the masters, that rascal
has just just broken the bar, starts a war
n becums a star , beats me far and beats me hard!!

No happy days only mourns i meet!
I fall on thorns I bleed! I bleed!

Played wit my emotions my sentiments!
with great confidence,I tried hard defence!

Got trapped badly!My luck i blame!
complain not claimed n i bear the shame!!

A bullshit ! A stain on my carrier i got!!
I cry a lot! blood keeps flowin it doesn clottt!!!

My wounds r fresh.Won't they heal?
wounds r real!!How bad i feel?
she complained in ceil! what wass that zeal?
No sheild! what she sealed?when she dealed! i was killed!!

NO! NO! NO! I didn sow
I didn sow now what I reap!
I sowed a leap! n got a heap!
sorrows to keep! n sorrows so deep?

i get a heap of pian and there's no gain!
I got it all in vain! what is main?
that i've missed the train cuz of furious brain!
a dirty drain has put a huge strain!
no one sees me cry so i walk in rain!!
insane it's not the same and Why and why only i to blame!

I sowed a seed but got the weed!
I feed a seed! n get the thorns!!
I fall on them! I bleed! I bleed! I bleeed! I bleed!

Abused in folks,i loose my hopes,I hang on ropes!!
oops! oops! ops!oops! oops!

YEAh! like an underwear,wit my bundle tears!
Fake fears! Why no one hears? for me there are no cheers?
Ya! cheers are lost! brutally tossed! hopes r frost!
doesnt she knw wat my tears cost?
Yeah! no cost for her,fcuked we were!!

in my eyes u cud see the blurr! sorry i said to her!!
sorry again! yeah we cried!!our tears dried!
still tried ,didn hide! n never lied!
side by side? but yo!we died!!


Result wasn bright!!!
rusticated 7 days!!! NO LIGHT?
that is how KALYANI bite!!!!
but we died?
I fall from heights right on my knees!!!
I plead! I plead! I PLEAD!
whenever i fall on thorns of life? I BLEED! I BLEED! I BLEED!

why? I'm fcukd here?I do! wonder!
she is a hunter! for us a thunder?
13th i see calendar!whatta blunder?

those boyz she hated! what she stated !
we heard n waited!
but got rusticated! Rated as "outdated"
totally intoxicated?I now hate it!!

so when i'm gone,don go on!
once i die I'm never born!
tryna be my clone!
i lost and i didn won! became an icon!
i do mourn!my shirt is torn!
be strong!and u just live so long!
that's my song! DING ding-DONG!
nottta NOISY horn!!u know i fall on thorns

my pure deeds,no needs, i'M full of fire N heats!!
i fall on thorns I BLEED! I BLEED!

STATUTORY WARNING: orignal explicit content.All rights reserved ! (copyright protected edition 2009)


NOTE: A new hindi version named as " Adhura-khwab" describing same pians will soon be available online!!!

thank u all my fanns!!! SOON W'LL BE BAC


deepak said...

this post in not well formatted i guess

shahnawaz husain said...

I guess now it's pretty much fine!

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