Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saini’s a mystery

Don't give a damn , a bloody bullshit!!
i break evrything no one trusted!!
u just try but u can't mock me!!
i'm unstoppable as u can not stop me!!

hip-hop blunder i can make thy thunder
no one says it evry time i wonder
enemy of enemy's and frnd of frnds
kick thy ass off damn impotents

rain drops came and grew the grasses
but no one comes to groom your asses
this thing surprizes, one compromises
be attentive cuz u can meet the crisis

so better be aware,cuz saini don't care
about the fair-unfair,where no 0ne dares

no one dares to oppose me
anger no one shows me
every one says big boy has come
'runaway' or he wud make you 'numb'
every one crying he wud break our bones
his hands moving on like the stones
"runawy or we wud feel the pain
he will crush us now like a can"
cry like this the people in vain

no one dares to stand "neck to neck"
fears dont face but looked on my back
people say saini slams on the floor
like a brave pard he JUST makes a roar

guys who come just get so hurt!
when saini kick them along like a kurt!
children describe"the guy's so bad"
'kicked my ass' they descibe to their dad
evry other guy is full of fears!!
their eyes fill with damn tears!!

i do it all!! i do it all alone
furious airs are blown, ur ass is flown
as every thing has been shown
don't worry i'll kick ur cone!!!

cry those guys" is some one to "save"
saini is on me he'll make my grave
thy say now he's gonna knock me out!!
now he's gonna do a fcuk about!!
abt my soul,he will eat me whole
he's gonna swallow me!! like a cheese -roll

saini don't cares and he gives a fcuk!!
knows to create a hell ,a havoc!!!
everyone knows he's of mighty kind!!
don't stand still he's of furious mind!!
big buddy's here,and he states it loud!!
any one to fight,out off this crowd!!
the crowd of mother-fuckers
i don't talk to such damn suckers!!!

This song is dedicated to guys
who wanna rubb their ass and fly to skies
who wanna do the brutality
A mind fuck shit! mentality
the guys who wud always get a seat
crying all overs in saini's feet!!
who all rubb their ass and call their daddy!!
beaten upp all bya damn slim-shady!!
they say-" daddy the slim-shady's crazy
He's fat he's lazy but he rucks upon the babby!!

Daddy please save me from this mighty lad!!
who has broken my teeth and cracked my ass!!
my ass is broken, my soul is shocken!!
the guy is big my eyes are woken!!
i telll u daddy " the guy is wild"
kicked all guys just like a child!!
daddy! daddy! his impact was massive!!
the guy wass obviously so obsessive!!
daddy u dont 'no' udon't 'no' he has made me crippled
like this guys tell story to thier dad being rippled!!


like this there's a story of a dog!!!
feeding the poles that flagarant slogg!!
once in the buss he wass throwing the chalks
on SAINI who wass busy in talks!!
saini replied and threw them 1-2-threes and fours
the fourth one went one to hit his nose!!
he advanced forward and kicked belly of saini!!
went back but he is gonna take too many!!
sitting on buss bench, he thought of revenge
went forward a mighty big giant!!
At amar hotel at went on a gave a fight!!
he firstly kicked and cracked his ass!!
Kicked many times he already has!!
he bacame a snake and dog was hissed!!
1-2-3-4-5 he recieved punch of fists!!
cudn't tolerate he became a lost case!!
lost in race, got them all in his face!!
went out of buss and called his dudes
after all allin front his ability was naked and he was nude!!!
fucked all along the guy is so rude
dragged him from the collar of shirt
kiked him like a curt , like this moti got hurt

He tried atleast and just ran before
Before the buss but he was on the floor!!
cudn just even make a chase,
now what to do with injured face
he even remmemberes that 'A man he found"
who sprinkled salt on this wound,now he even fears his sound
he can't forget as his pride was drowned
clapped all over saini was crowned


deepak said...

This poem is written by whom?
You or saini?
I know in this poem saini is talking about him

deepak said...

Saini seems to be really big in size

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