Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ATE bhar PATE....didn care for the GATE.....
havoc who CREATE.....put his neck on the BLADE..
comin is the DATE....m AFRAID...for my FATE.....
but the god is so GREAT....wont get it so LATE....
all that i to WAIT....for the GATE....
i was MADE to ACCELARATE....but my WEIGHT....
is so more,i rush STRAIGHT to the PLATE.......
so far i've DELAYED my electrical TRADE....
and the thing that i ADD is my DAD for the BREAD...
that he earns .... itz makin him SAD...
for the hopes that he HAD.......from his LAD...
but the LAD is so BAD,that he CAN"T even STAND...
on his FEET n the HEAT that he feels is so FAKE...
n he MAKE the MISTAKE...n put his career on STAKE........
and all his CLASSMATE...r lyk him...n they've PRAYED....
for the GATE...movin @ the RATE...that is slow...n i SAY IT....
don be AFRAID....n don FADE....before IT!
Thursday, January 26, 2012
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
"Screw-Driver Song" - By me!

I've always been amazed of all the things "screw-drivers" do
I wished if one could screw my nuts until i found you

When I saw you screwing people with the way you twist and shout
I couldn't help, i was on the edge, laughing out really loud

I've fallen for a "screw-driver"! and that "screw-driver" is you
Thinking 'bout this night and day, well! I got screwed up too

Chhaima!......... Thinking 'bout you my mind shuts.....
Chhaima!......... To tell you this i have no guts......
Chaaima!......... The crush of you is so so strong.....
Chhaima!......... That's why i wrote this "screw-driver" song....
Sunday, November 14, 2010
my eyes enclose the darkness
someone lightening up a dream
think what she's gonna drop next
she drops me i feel to scream

my senses even darken
my heart goes on so weak
think i loose her what then
her love where i will seek

she rules the way to my soul,smiling through my eyes !
she feels me then she cheats me, now she likes to stay away!

so far away 5

she loves me not, she loves me still alanah rae
like a rose my hearts being killed
i feel the thorns but i'm so addicted!
i'll lay on them i didnt predict it!
she leaves my heart without the beats!
it stopped its beating god damn she cheats!
and white moonlight appaers so fake
she appears so near n dissapers away!
far way!

my love she'll keep she seems like never
she brings me hell no peace no heaven
and for one last time , she's being so clever!
and one last night i'll leave for ever

i tell its true
and never i'll be loving you
i'll leave you yeah i'll go away
i'll miss you babby i'm doing this today!
ur weird so clever, ditched back stab ah
you reached my heart and killing started.........
babby now i'm so far away...
so f a f y!

(by Sachin Saini)

i close my eyes, to make a prayer!
may the god bless everyone everywhere!
i see the world, its havoc there
may their tears get off their eyes,i care!

nothing feels right,nothing heals their scars away!
nothing helps them over,nothing for their griefs to share!

i'm touched to see world crying the way
in search of hopes slowly dying evryday!
i see in their eyes, a ray of light!
to lighten up their life to live and survive!

nothing occurs right,i'm feelin so much odd!
n everythings getting brutal, i'm fed up all n all!
nothing helping world,cutting all their hopes away!
fighting for their lives, i'm hurt to see the earth today!

everywhere fire ect................

(by Sachin Saini)

in a democratic nation,and an oldest civilization
low castes now feel frustration! in their mind 2
64 years since the freedom,corrupted leaders feeling greed
see in their eyes 2
eating our flag away,they've been cheating our hearts away!
there are devils inside!
poors not meeting their needs today,low caste feeling the heat
today! not alright!

castism , prejudice leaves me stunned when i visualize!
the need of love among the people,feelings burn,brotherhood dies!

In our constitution,its mentioned all creations
have equal rights 2
bad leaders win election,within democratic selection
when they fight2

leading our states away,we've been meeting the hell today!
we need to strike not just hide
honest must win today, ever good deserves to stay!
show us light ,make future bright

families come lets join,unite and win this time!
hey youth lets lead our way! cuz its time to change!
have you ever got a girl getting over your heart n mind n soul
did u even dream of her night long you wake alone
never you even see such momments
life long is not enough
even if your mind is roaming your flying feeling never stops
even if you search to find them those pleasant moments never comes
dreaming if you see her face
seeming as if fantasy,............taking your away!!!...

as i see you living and laughing!
as i feel you smiling inside me!
endless love is in me baby!

love is such a sweet thing you ever wanna have!....
your loving on a freeway,where life in her face!
Thursday, September 23, 2010
DK a.k.a. Deepak Kushwaha

Ae yo! Ladies and lads! Have some honour! I'm introducing to you!
A really good and intelligent friend of me......
His name is... Deepak Kushwaha...But you can simply call him DK....
So let’s begin......!

How much hackers do you tell me in you locality?
If you start to count they're really few in reality!
(And by the way)
What does a hacker do? If you don't have clarity!
Then let me tell you 'bout a hacker, he exists in rarity...

DK is my friend! a normal chap he seems to be...
He’s honest, sincere and a celebrity (at least for me)..
Sometimes I wonder he's in UPTU..Not in IIT!!
But u know it's India, Here skills go insanity.....

He love surfing.. but he does with anonymity...
Watches hacking tutorials, learns phishing activities..
He's the first 1 who showed me what’s proximity!
And he gave "MAGIX", I used to use "Audacity"...... (lolz)

He helps me a lot, Sorts out my complicities
If I'm curious, I can see his curiosities
To help me and others, he thinks it's his responsibilities
And what do I say more as if he has uncountable qualities..

DK my Friend! This one is only for you
You're to go, A long way through.........
Don't stop just go on!!, You're the "apple of Peru"
One day this world, will know your value...

The world of success is waiting for you..
It's shouting loud, It wants you to check into..
This is not an appraisal; it’s my point of view,
DK you’re a hacker, Lot of men wants to be like you
Saturday, September 18, 2010
‎4 Sachin saini's momma!

Dear momma! don't mind but Ur son's a nuts
he ain't got no brains! and ain't got no guts
much often it occurs, that his mind shuts things goes over his head, and below his butts

In the class, never does he study
If some1 asks for bunk, he's EverReady
his time goes in sane! go tell his dady
Go do somethin! it's very late already

He's fond of shits, let me remind you
and sees'm much! often behind you
I wish watchin shits one day he finds you
standing in front! no more he can blind you
Sunday, July 11, 2010


Darr jate hai bachche jab lagaye ye thahaka!
pataakhe ka bhai, Abhay urf dhamaka!!
Jutton ke roop mein hamne isko fal diye!
Ye muh uthake gadhe ki tarah chal diye!

Iski aur burai karne ko 'page' nahin
aur iski buddhi mein zara bhi 'tej' nahin
"hathi hai par nahin hai takat
juton se karun main iska swagat

yeh juton ke hi layak hai
iski mummy kehti hain "bahut nalayak hai"
koi akal ki baat isne jaani nahi
aur 'buddhihinta' mein iska koi sani nahin

koi baat iske dimag ko nahi lagti
aur iski nahi hogi kabhi ‘pragati’
yeh ek chalta firta gannnd hai
iski buddhi ke saare dwar bannd hai

dikhne mein yeh ‘lala’ hai
dimag pe iske ‘tala’ hai
banta hai yeh sabka don
isse bada murkh aur kaun

iski buddhi toh bachpan mein hi beh gayi
kehne ko naam matrrr ki hi buddhi reh gayi
seene mein inke hain dum nahin
kehta hai “ hum kisssi se kam nahin”

tabhi yeh kissi ko nahi bhata hai
aur ucch koti ka murkh kehlata hai
sandon ki daud mein yeh shariq hai
iska “sense of ass” bilkul theek hai

Waise yeh senti aur sober hai
parr chalta firta ‘gobar’ hai
kehne ko naam hai,ghar-*bar karobaar hai
parr iske gale mein juton ka haar hai

aur jaise ‘ginti’ mein eeee ki matra hoti hai
vaise hi iski gadhe parr yatra hoti hai
‘ass’ hai parr manta nahi
‘fkuced’ hai par janta nahi

shayad ise koi ‘bimari’ hai
sala ek number ka bhikari hai
mann karta hai main iske chamat lagaun
beech bazzaar iski watt lagaun

fat ka yeh bora hai
haath mein iske katora hai
praksh ke roop mein ‘andhakaar hai’
maine kaha tha ‘ yeh bkl bimar hai’

mann toh karta hai iske chamat lagaun
iski beech muhalle wattt lagaun
kyun ki yeh gola hai barud hai
yeh toh ek 'chutia' dude hai

yehi hai sabb ore chauda
yahi akela hai bkl............

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