Thursday, September 23, 2010
DK a.k.a. Deepak Kushwaha

Ae yo! Ladies and lads! Have some honour! I'm introducing to you!
A really good and intelligent friend of me......
His name is... Deepak Kushwaha...But you can simply call him DK....
So let’s begin......!

How much hackers do you tell me in you locality?
If you start to count they're really few in reality!
(And by the way)
What does a hacker do? If you don't have clarity!
Then let me tell you 'bout a hacker, he exists in rarity...

DK is my friend! a normal chap he seems to be...
He’s honest, sincere and a celebrity (at least for me)..
Sometimes I wonder he's in UPTU..Not in IIT!!
But u know it's India, Here skills go insanity.....

He love surfing.. but he does with anonymity...
Watches hacking tutorials, learns phishing activities..
He's the first 1 who showed me what’s proximity!
And he gave "MAGIX", I used to use "Audacity"...... (lolz)

He helps me a lot, Sorts out my complicities
If I'm curious, I can see his curiosities
To help me and others, he thinks it's his responsibilities
And what do I say more as if he has uncountable qualities..

DK my Friend! This one is only for you
You're to go, A long way through.........
Don't stop just go on!!, You're the "apple of Peru"
One day this world, will know your value...

The world of success is waiting for you..
It's shouting loud, It wants you to check into..
This is not an appraisal; it’s my point of view,
DK you’re a hacker, Lot of men wants to be like you


deepak said...

yaar chane ke ped pe chda diya tune muje yaar!!!!

anil said...

badhiya hai.....

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