Saturday, September 18, 2010
‎4 Sachin saini's momma!

Dear momma! don't mind but Ur son's a nuts
he ain't got no brains! and ain't got no guts
much often it occurs, that his mind shuts things goes over his head, and below his butts

In the class, never does he study
If some1 asks for bunk, he's EverReady
his time goes in sane! go tell his dady
Go do somethin! it's very late already

He's fond of shits, let me remind you
and sees'm much! often behind you
I wish watchin shits one day he finds you
standing in front! no more he can blind you


Liyana said...


shahnawaz husain said...

thanks if you liked it!

couponzoot said...

At first i taught this was written by a kid, anyway good attempt

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