Sunday, November 14, 2010
in a democratic nation,and an oldest civilization
low castes now feel frustration! in their mind 2
64 years since the freedom,corrupted leaders feeling greed
see in their eyes 2
eating our flag away,they've been cheating our hearts away!
there are devils inside!
poors not meeting their needs today,low caste feeling the heat
today! not alright!

castism , prejudice leaves me stunned when i visualize!
the need of love among the people,feelings burn,brotherhood dies!

In our constitution,its mentioned all creations
have equal rights 2
bad leaders win election,within democratic selection
when they fight2

leading our states away,we've been meeting the hell today!
we need to strike not just hide
honest must win today, ever good deserves to stay!
show us light ,make future bright

families come lets join,unite and win this time!
hey youth lets lead our way! cuz its time to change!


Stanis said...

cool...there should be no reason for the cast system or any other system in world that seeks to pummel its people down under the guise of some misguided age-old belief...

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