Sunday, November 14, 2010
my eyes enclose the darkness
someone lightening up a dream
think what she's gonna drop next
she drops me i feel to scream

my senses even darken
my heart goes on so weak
think i loose her what then
her love where i will seek

she rules the way to my soul,smiling through my eyes !
she feels me then she cheats me, now she likes to stay away!

so far away 5

she loves me not, she loves me still alanah rae
like a rose my hearts being killed
i feel the thorns but i'm so addicted!
i'll lay on them i didnt predict it!
she leaves my heart without the beats!
it stopped its beating god damn she cheats!
and white moonlight appaers so fake
she appears so near n dissapers away!
far way!

my love she'll keep she seems like never
she brings me hell no peace no heaven
and for one last time , she's being so clever!
and one last night i'll leave for ever

i tell its true
and never i'll be loving you
i'll leave you yeah i'll go away
i'll miss you babby i'm doing this today!
ur weird so clever, ditched back stab ah
you reached my heart and killing started.........
babby now i'm so far away...
so f a f y!

(by Sachin Saini)


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